What It Is

  • What CreteDefender P2 Is

    CreteDefender P2 addresses the problems that cause concrete damage.
    CreteDefender P2 works IN the concrete, not ON the concrete, so it can’t wear off or
    wear out. It permanently makes concrete impervious to the damage caused by salt and
    water. It densifies and hardens the concrete.
    It maintains the chemical health of the concrete.

    CreteDefender P2 is...
    • A water-carried chemical treatment made of reactive silicates and surfactants, allowing
    for deep penetration.
    • For portland cement-based concrete, and can be applied any time after the concrete is
    • For use in all types of environments: temperate, extreme hot, extreme cold, and where
    frequent temperature fluctuations occur.
    Permanent. It only needs to be applied once. It does not sit on top of the concrete like a
    coating or membrane would. Since it does not sit on the surface, it cannot be worn off.

    What CreteDefender P2 Will Do:
    • Harden and increase the abrasion resistance of the concrete.
    • Make concrete impervious to damage caused by water and salt.
    Immediately STOP the reactions from salt and other chemicals.
    • Eliminate dusting and flaking.
    • Restore the pH of the concrete.
    • Resist stains and damage from chemical spills.
    • Prevent damage from sulfates and acid rain.
    • Prevent freeze/thaw damage.
    Prevent efflorescence.
    Reduce Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) in concrete (a major cause of epoxy and
    urethane floor failure).

    CreteDefender P2 works by...
    • Penetrating into the concrete about 2 centimeters deeper than water alone would
    penetrate. This depth of penetration creates sufficient protection both to the concrete
    and the reinforcement.
    • Reacting with the lime in concrete to create a permanent gel that hardens just like
    concrete and fills the pores and micro-cracks inside the concrete. The reaction takes
    approximately 75 days to complete, though your concrete is protected after 24 hours.
    • Filling the pore and capillary structure.
    Concrete is porous, and contains a network of capillaries and pores that are formed
    during the hardening process. This process also creates Calcium Silicate Hydrate, or C-S-
    H, which is what gives concrete its hardness and strength, plus an unused by-product
    called calcium hydroxide, commonly known as “lime.”
    CreteDefender P2’s formulation penetrates into the concrete and reacts with the lime in
    concrete to create more C-S-H, which then fills the pore and capillary structure,
    preventing water and the natural and man-made chemicals it carries from entering the
    concrete and causing damage.

    CreteDefender P2 is better because it...
    • Is not a coating.
    • Can’t wear off. It becomes a permanent part of the concrete mix.
    • Permanently protects concrete from deterioration caused by salts, freeze/thaw cycles,
    abrasion, sand erosion, water, chlorides, and sulfates.
    • Saves you money by dramatically reducing costs of maintenance and repair.
    • Is quick and easy to apply.
    • Is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable.
    • Has no smell, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
    • Arrests damage already occurring in your concrete.
    • Is not affected by traffic, abrasion, UV exposure, or weather.

    Where CreteDefender P2 is Used:
    CreteDefender P2 can be used anywhere you want to keep concrete from deteriorating.
    • Does abrasion or erosion wear down your concrete?
    • Do chemical spills damage your concrete?
    • Do you want to avoid the cost and hassle of repairing or replacing concrete?
    • Do you want to keep your concrete looking the way it looks now?
    • Do you want to prevent concrete dusting or scaling?
    • Do you want to protect your concrete’s reinforcement?
    If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, you have a use for CreteDefender P2.
    * Inside or outside, even in extreme heat
    * Broom finished or machine troweled
    * Slab, pre-cast, structural
    * Horizontal or vertical
    * Old or new
    CreteDefender P2 is for use on portland cement-based concrete and mortar, with a
    minimum compressive strength of 4000 PSI, and a water-to-cement ratio
    between .36:1 and .5:1. It will not work on non-cementatious materials, CMU’s, block,
    brick, or other porous cementatious structures such as pervious concrete. It is not
    compatible with acid stained concrete.