Limited Product Warranty

CreteDefender, Inc. warrants CreteDefender® to be free from material defects and conforms to formulation standards and proportions for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase (shelf life).  CreteDefender further warrants that properly placed and structurally sound concrete surfaces treated with CreteDefender in strict accordance with the manufacturers directions will remain dust proof, hardened, and protected from spalling, pitting, and delamination for a period of twelve (12) years on commercial and industrial applications, or a period of 1 year on residential applications*.

Should CreteDefender have a proven material defect, CreteDefender, Inc. will replace the defective product at their own expense.  If, after properly applied to a suitable concrete surface**, the surface does not remain dust proof, hardened and protected from spalling, pitting, and delamination, CreteDefender, Inc. will supply at its own expense and discretion either sufficient CreteDefender to retreat the affected area, or a refund of the original purchase price of the product quantity needed to cover the affected area, not including shipping costs.  Remedies under this warranty are limited to replacement of the material proven to be defective, or to a refund of or replacement of the material needed to treat the affected area only, excluding the original shipping and handling expense, if any, and do not extend to any surface or structure to which the product was applied or to the labor costs involved in application or remediation. The decision as to appropriate remedy is at CreteDefender, Inc.’s sole discretion.

Satisfactory results depend not only upon quality products but also upon many factors related to the quality of the concrete being treated that are beyond our control. Therefore, except for such refund or replacement, CRETEDEFENDER, INC. MAKES NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY, RESPECTING ITS PRODUCTS, AND THIS WARRANTY SUPERSEDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.  CreteDefender, Inc. shall have no other liabilities, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages, with respect thereto. User shall determine the suitability of the products for the intended use and assume all risks and liability in connection therewith.

This warranty is invalid if CreteDefender is improperly applied or if damage occurs due to poor workmanship, improper design, or failure or inadequate quality of other materials used in the project, including the concrete being treated.

All claims must be received in writing within 90 days from the date of discovery of the defect or damage, and include documentation that the defect or damage occurred during the applicable warranty period. For warranty claims stating CreteDefender did not properly protect the concrete during the warranty period, petrographic analysis must accompany the claim showing that the concrete was structurally sound, properly consolidated, met specifications (including air entrainment quantities and spacing, if used), that finishing was performed properly and did not entrap air near the surface of the concrete, and that water to cement ratios were within the range of .36:1 – .5:1. In addition, to be covered under warranty, CreteDefender must be applied before the end of the 24 month shelf life.

*  Notwithstanding the above, CreteDefender, Inc. will not warrant CreteDefender when used on a residential application unless the concrete is at least 2 years old and has been exposed to at least two wet freeze/thaw cycles.  Residential concrete is typically placed with an excessive water to cement ratio and finished before the water has flushed from the concrete, and no product will provide protection from damage from concrete that has been improperly mixed or finished.

**  A “suitable concrete surface” is defined as a portland cement based concrete or mortar with a maximum water to cement ratio of .5:1 that was properly consolidated during placement, and was finished according to the National Ready Mix Concrete Association guidelines for placing and finishing concrete (