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You have a lot invested in your shopping center. Maintaining its appearance is a major factor in it continuing to be an attractive place to shop. The safety of your guests is also a critical consideration. Every winter, a decision is made in favor of the safety of your guests – and rightfully so. Unfortunately,  ice melting chemicals destroy your concrete, and the clean lines and nicely finished surface is quickly replaced with crumbling at the joints and disintegration of the surface. Not only is this unsightly, but it creates a safety hazard on the sidewalk where your guests could catch a heel and trip, fall, or twist their ankle.

CreteDefender solves these problems by permanently protecting your sidewalks from salt, chemical, and freeze/thaw damage. One simple application of CreteDefender, and you can salt your sidewalks at will, without worrying about the damage salt once caused. You can apply CreteDefender to your existing sidewalks, and immediately stop the damage being done to the concrete…damage that may not even appear for a few years.  As a side benefit, sidewalks protected by CreteDefender are easier to clean and harder to stain.

And, unlike concrete sealers or concrete coatings, CreteDefender will never wear off or wear out.

So, give us a call and we’ll arrange a no-cost visit to your center to assess your sidewalks and give you a quote. We can train your maintenance staff to apply CreteDefender, or, you can have us do it. We work when your stores are closed, and there is no downtime, blocked entrances, or pedestrian detours.


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To purchase CreteDefender to begin protecting your sidewalks right away:  Order Now

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