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Public Facilities

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Thousands of people flow in and out of your buildings each month.  They notice the appearance of your property.  And their safety is one of your top priorities.

Those safety concerns are why you apply the salt and ice-melting chemicals. Unfortunately, it is those salts and chemicals that destroy the concrete you are making safe for these visitors to walk on.  Over time, the deterioration creates an unsightly appearance and tripping hazards. (Not to mention the blow to the maintenance budget to fix these problems!)  With CreteDefender, you don’t have to sacrifice appearance and your budget for safety.

CreteDefender penetrates deep into the concrete, permanently sealing and protecting it from salt and freeze/thaw damage.

And, since CreteDefender is not a coating, it will never wear off or wear out.

Protect public safety.  Preserve the appearance of your facility. With CreteDefender!


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