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Food Processing

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Food Processing plants represent a number of unique challenges.

  • Constant exposure to water, causing erosion
  • Exposure to pressure washing  and damaging chemicals
  • Exposure to salts and brines, which destroy the concrete from inside the concrete
  • Exposure to acids (vinegars, citric and acetic acids, etc.), which destroy the concrete both on and beneath the surface
  • USDA, SQF inspections and GFSI standards, where compliance to standards is critical to your company’s success

CreteDefender will:

  • Make the concrete impervious to salt damage.
  • Greatly reduce the damage due to acids.
  • Harden the concrete to substantially reduce damage from constant water exposure and regular pressure washing.
  • Eliminate dusting and scaling of the concrete.
  • Not flake or peel. CreteDefender is not a coating, and requires no maintenance…ever.
  • Greatly extend the useful life of your concrete floor.
  • Greatly reduce the number and frequency of  mandated repairs to your concrete floors.

CreteDefender is MSF approved

CreteDefender is approved by the NSF as a non-food compound acceptable for use in food processing areas.  Check out our Chemical Resistance Tests for CreteDefender’s results on specific chemicals.


More information:

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