Technical Data Sheet

1. PRODUCT NAME:   CreteDefender ™
High Performance Water Based Non-Toxic Chemical Treatment that hardens, strengthens, stabilizes, protects, increases the mass & density and extends the useful life of concrete structures.

A colorless, non-toxic chemical that penetrates the concrete permeable zones producing an insoluble by-product that directly encapsulates the cementacious properties of concrete, greatly reducing the porosity, increasing the surface hardness, and protecting the concrete from attack by liquids, acids, salts and other contaminants.

This process produces a reactive by-product that fills the gel pores, shrinkage cracks and alligator cracks of the concrete. The by-product can reach depths of up to 4 inches into the concrete, making the concrete extremely resistant to water and contaminant penetration. The process allows the concrete to breathe while still giving excellent protection. This process keeps the alkaline content (pH) high, and in cases where deteriorated concrete is being treated, actually raises the pH of the concrete thereby stabilizing and in some cases reversing the deterioration. This process should be used prior to concrete repair, because of its ability to raise the pH of existing deteriorated concrete.

Because CreteDefender™ produces a reactive and solid by-product in the concrete, it increases the mass and density thereby making the surface harder and increasing the compression strength. Lab test have shown up to 45% increase in hardness of treated samples with CreteDefender™ vs. non-treated samples.

CreteDefender’s primary use is for protecting new and existing dense concrete structures such as Commercial Floors, Parking Facilities, Bridges, Loading Ramps, Driveways, Walkways, Roads, Runways, Taxiways and any concrete structure. CreteDefender can increase the useful life of normal concrete up to 40%. CreteDefender is designed for normal, dense high strength concrete and is not effective on brick, porous concrete blocks, or similar types of concrete products.


TEMPERATURE LIMITS:  CreteDefender can be applied in temperatures as low as 38° F and as high as 95° F. Do not allow the surface to freeze for at least 24 hours after the final application.
DRYING TIME: Normal drying-time is about 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature and humidity. The surface must be completely dry prior to applying CreteDefender.
PAINTING / COATINGS: The surface can be painted or coatings can be applied 24 hours after the surface has completely dried. However, it is recommended that you wash off the surface with fresh water and let thoroughly dry before painting lines or anything else on the surface.
INTERNAL COMPOSITION: A proprietary blend of reactive silicates and surfactants. Non-Toxic. Non- flammable. Non-Hazardous. NO special handling requirements under environmental regulations.
CAUTIONS: CreteDefender™ is high in alkaline content. Wear protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection. Make sure there is adequate ventilation. See MSDS, product label or installation instruction booklet for complete safety details.
DO NOT apply or splash on glass or painted surfaces. Protect decorative door fronts as this product may stain them. If you do splash on these surfaces, clean with fresh water immediately.  DO NOT store in aluminum containers or use aluminum spraying equipment. CLEAN UP equipment with soap and water as soon as possible after use. CAUTION – leaving residue in spraying equipment may damage equipment.
MIXING: CreteDefender is a clear liquid and comes pre mixed. DO NOT dilute.
COLOR: CreteDefender is clear and does not change the color of concrete. NOTE: Occasionally, a slight brown tint may appear on the surface of the concrete after the final application. This is due to iron being present in the concrete. This will wash / wear off in time.
PACKAGING: 55-Gallon drums and 5-Gallon pails.  Bulk shipments available.
COVERAGE: The average coverage for fully cured brushed finished concrete will range between 100 to 125 square feet per gallon per application. Two applications are necessary on these types of concrete surfaces. The coverage for commercial steel troweled concrete floors should be between 125 and 150 square feet per gallon, and generally only one application is necessary.
ANTICIPATED TREATMENT RESULTS: CreteDefender can produce the following results.

    • Reduce the porosity of existing concrete by up to 90%.
    • Increase the surface hardness in existing concrete by up to 45% (ASTM C-779)
    • Increase compression strength in deteriorated concrete
    • Practically eliminate chloride penetration
    • Inhibit chemical attack of treated concrete
    • Form a gelling to a solid by-product in the micro-cracks, gel pours and alligator cracks in the concrete to the depth of penetration
    • Retard scaling of high strength concrete
    • Meets ASTM C-672 (Waterproofing)
    • Raise the pH of deteriorated concrete
    • Reduces water absorption by up to 98% as results of ASTM C-642

CreteDefender is available in 5-gallon (20-liter) pails and 55-gallon (205-liter) drums. The product is available only through CreteDefender, Inc.

CreteDefender, Inc. warrants that CreteDefender, in its original sealed containers, will be free of defects and when used as instructed will retard deterioration of concrete surfaces.

Should you want to clean the concrete, wash with mild detergent and flush with fresh water.

Technical information and assistance may be obtained from:

CreteDefender, Inc., Lexington, KY 40509.
(877) 830-6008

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