Slab Concrete


Slab placement is the most commonly seen concrete surface.  Regardless of the method of placement, CreteDefender P2™ will add years of life and protection to the concrete.

Exterior Slabs:   placing-new-concrete-300x162

Exterior slabs, such as roads, bridge decks, sidewalks, driveways, and patios are particularly subject to damage. Freeze-thaw cycles attack the edges and joints, and salt or other ice-melting chemicals penetrate into the pores of the concrete and destroy the bonds that make concrete, well, concrete. In addition, chloride ion penetration will cause corrosion and weakening of the reinforcement inside the slab.

Benefits to Exterior Slabs:

  • Prevents freeze/thaw damage
  • Stops chloride intrusion
  • Arrests on-going damage from salts
  • Hardens the surface
  • Makes concrete easier to clean

Interior Slabs:  beautiful-concrete1

Machine Troweled Interior slabs, such as warehouse floors, parking garages, and manufacturing floors, while not always subjected to freeze/thaw cycles, are sometimes exposed to salts and other chemical contaminants.   In addition, dusting, spalling, and Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) are frequent problems.  When diamond polishing concrete, a consistent surface hardness is also desirable to achieve a uniform sheen.

Benefits to Interior Slabs:

  • Eliminates dusting
  • Increases surface hardness by 45%
  • Increases density (densifies)
  • Protects from salt and chemical spills
  • Provides consistent surface hardness for polishing
  • Reduces MVT when surface coatings are desired

CreteDefender P2 can be applied any time after the initial set of the concrete…as soon as the machine troweling is complete…or any time after.