Food Processing

Food Processing

Food processing presents unique and aggressive problems... harsh chemicals, daily cleaning, spills and leaks from equipment and processes... all add up to a stress on your concrete flooring that is bound to create problems. Machinery and forklifts and cold storage all attack your concrete daily. Maybe you've tried epoxies, only to watch them erode and peel with the resulting look being even worse than the look you were hoping to remedy. image18_2

Read the next section, Seafood Processing, to learn how CreteDefender products can preserve your floors, make your cleanup easier, and keep your concrete looking good for years to come.

Seafood Processing

Salt…Brine… Ice… Cleaning chemicals… Staples of your business.  Your concrete doesn’t stand a chance against these destructive forces.

You need ice and temperature control to store and move your product. You can’t avoid salt and brine, since much of the product comes from this type of environment and these acidic compounds are simply a part of the processes involved when cleaning, prepping and storing sea creatures. And regulations require a daily high-pressure cleansing of the work stations, the equipment, and the walls and floors.

Fortunately, this is just the battle that CreteDefender P2 is designed for.  CreteDefender P2 penetrates deep into the concrete, filling the pores with a gel that hardens and prevents water, salt, and chemicals from reaching inside and destroying your concrete. And best of all, it’s permanent and NSF approved  in food preparation areas. Our CreteDefender XTreme product, used in addition to the P2, will make cleanup easy and keep the concrete from staining as well.

Using P2 in Seafood Processing:

  • Eliminates freeze/thaw cycle damage
  • Eliminates salt damage and chloride penetration
  • Hardens the surface 45%
  • Eliminates dusting, flaking, and spalling
  • Works on Horizontal or Vertical concrete surfaces
  • NSF approved for food Preparation areas

Using Xtreme in addition to P2:

  • Arrests staining
  • Makes cleanup easy
  • Keeps floors looking great!

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