Salt Storage Facilities


Salt Storage Facilities


One of the most challenging environments for concrete is in a salt storage facility.  Constant contact with salt will eat away the concrete underneath- day in and day out. The acidic nature of salt is the polar opposite of highly alkaline concrete, and when you combine the two, the acids in the salt always wins…. until now!salt-storage-facility-300x225


CreteDefender’s unique formulation seals the pores of concrete against salt penetration, and maintains the high pH levels needed to protect concrete from this kind of damage.

Using CreteDefender P2 in Salt Storage:

  • Eliminates salt damage and chloride penetration
  • Hardens the surface 
  • Permanently protects the concrete

A minimum of two applications of CreteDefender P2 are necessary on all salt storage facilities (even machine-troweled)  

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