CreteDefender P2

CreteDefender P2™: The Most Effective, Least Expensive solution to increase concrete durability and prevent damage.
▸ A non-hazardous solution easily applied to new or old concrete.
▸ Never needs to be re-applied – ever.
▸ Product costs equivalent to common temporary sealers like silane or siloxane.
▸ Sustainable — Go green: reduces landfill, lowers carbon footprint.

End the costly cycle of concrete damage and replacement.
CreteDefender P2 slows or halts each of the processes that damage concrete. The key is to make the concrete denser and more abrasion resistant so it can stand up to wind, rain, grit, chemicals, and temperature extremes. CreteDefender P2 does that.  Apply it instead of commonly used coatings and sealers, and over the lifetime of the concrete, eliminate re-application costs and avoid repair or replacement of damaged concrete. Pay a little for CreteDefender P2 now, or pay a LOT later.
Does CreteDefender P2 work? See for yourself. In the video above are un-retouched photos from northern Illinois, a harsh Midwest U.S. climate. The concrete was three years old at the time of treatment, and both sides were identical at that time. Three winters later, you can see the results.

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CreteDefender P2 Makes Economical Sense

Permanently protect your concrete. Once and Forever.

That is a bold statement, but CreteDefender P2 is not an ordinary concrete sealer. CreteDefender P2 has been put to the test in some of the most challenging locations: Highway and interstate roads and bridge decks…salt storage facilities…dams…parking structures…water parks…and even commercial cold storage and freezers. After over 21 years of use on over 50 million square feet of concrete and NO warranty claims, CreteDefender P2 is proven to meet the challenge.

CreteDefender saves 90% over the closest alternative
(According to Life-365™, the industry standard in durability modeling)


Protectant costs                      Repair costs
25 Year Component Costs.  10,000 Square Feet.

What Is CreteDefender P2?

CreteDefender P2 is...
• A water-carried chemical treatment made of reactive silicates and surfactants, allowing for deep penetration.
• For portland cement-based concrete, and can be applied any time after the concrete is set.
• For use in all types of environments: temperate, extreme hot, extreme cold, and where frequent temperature fluctuations occur.
Permanent. It only needs to be applied once. It does not sit on top of the concrete like a coating or membrane. Since it doesn't sit on the surface, it cannot be worn off.
What CreteDefender P2 Will Do:
• Harden and increase the abrasion resistance of the concrete.
• Make concrete impervious to damage caused by water and salt.
Immediately STOP the reactions from salt and other chemicals.
• Eliminate dusting and flaking.
• Restore the pH of the concrete.
• Resist stains and damage from chemical spills.
• Prevent damage from sulfates and acid rain.
• Prevent freeze/thaw damage.
Prevent efflorescence.

How CreteDefender P2 Works

It Fills the Pores to Keep Salt and Water Out

CreteDefender P2 is unlike any other sealer or protectant. It reacts with lime in concrete to create a gel that fills the pores and tiny cracks in the concrete. The gel hardens and restores concrete’s natural pH and renders it impervious to water, salt, and other chemicals.  The reaction takes approximately 75 days to complete, though your concrete is protected after 24 hours.

It is Not a Coating

CreteDefender P2 is not a coating. Unlike coatings, CreteDefender P2 doesn’t sit on top of your concrete. Its reaction penetrates deep into the slab…up to two centimeters further than water is absorbed into the concrete. This depth of penetration creates sufficient protection to both the concrete and the reinforcement. Membranes (coatings and sealers) and water repellants are the common solutions used to prevent concrete deterioration. Membranes fail when the coating is punctured or wears off.  Sealers are especially thin membranes with short lives. Water repellants, like silanes and siloxanes, penetrate up to 0.6 cm, so last longer than membranes. However, they need to be reapplied every 3-5 years.

Why Is P2 Better?

CreteDefender P2 is better because it...
• Can’t wear off. It becomes a permanent part of the concrete mix. While air molecules can  pass through concrete, liquid, chlorides (salts), and other chemicals can’t get past CreteDefender P2’s impenetrable defenses.
• Permanently protects concrete from deterioration caused by salts, freeze/thaw cycles, abrasion, sand erosion, water, chlorides, and sulfates.
• Saves you money by dramatically reducing costs of maintenance and repair
• Is quick and easy to apply.
• Is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable.
• Has no smell, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
• Arrests damage already occurring in your concrete.
• Is not affected by traffic, abrasion, UV exposure, or weather.

Where to Use P2

Where CreteDefender P2 is Used:
CreteDefender P2 can be used anywhere you want to keep concrete from deteriorating.

* Inside or outside, even in extreme heat
* Broom finished or machine troweled
* Slab, pre-cast, structural
* Horizontal or vertical
* Old or new
  • Sidewalks, Driveways, Garage floors
  • Parking lots and structures
  • Roads and bridges
  • Factory and warehouse floors
  • Food preparation areas
  • Porches and patios
  • Concrete column bases and columns
  • Elevated walkways
  • Dams
  • Loading docks

Settlers Green – North Conway, NH

The management of the Settlers Green Outlet Center in North Conway, NSettler's GreenH, wanted to stop deterioration of sidewalks at this lifestyle shopping center.     Settlers Green has several gathering places to create the feel of a mountain village for shoppers as they enjoy the beauty of the Green Mountains, whether during the beautiful New England summers, or after skiing down any of the nearby slopes in the winter.  But, those same winters that create such good skiing wreak havoc on the concrete, which is also dyed earthy colors to add to the serene atmosphere.  

The Outlet Center management had just completed a series of concrete repairs in one section of Settlers Green when they contacted CreteDefender, who sent a crew to treat the 16,000 square feet of a prominent public square that they wanted to be sure did not need the same expensive repairs.

Over five years later, the treated concrete still looks great, despite the New England winters, and will continue to do so for years to come.


Divertiland (WaterWorld) Entertainment Park

Bucharest, Romania

water park 2

Bucharest is the center of activity in Romania, but in 2011, it did not have a multi-use outdoor entertainment park.  The Divertiland Water Park was created, and is now one of the most popular recreational facilities in the country.  But a facility like this must not only include fun attractions, but look great as well.  Walkways between the water slides, eating areas, and resting spots needed to accommodate large crowds and be set up in a way that ensure that people to want to return, while also being durable.

Divertiland’s design team decided to use stenciled concrete so the walkways could be made to look like brick, but with the advantages of concrete. However, if the concrete stencil begins to crack or break up, the entire look will be destroyed.

So, to ensure the stencil would retain its original look, withstanding the harsh winters of eastern Europe, Divertiland decided to use CreteDefender P2.  The total area covered was over 15,000 square meters (over 160,000 square feet).  The concrete was installed and treated in the autumn of 2011, and in 2016 CreteDefender visited Divertiland to inspect the concrete, and it still looks brand new and will do so for years to come! 


Ordering Options

5 Gallon Pails

Our 5 Gallon Pails can be shipped individually or placed on 36-pail pallets and shipped anywhere in the world. Each pail will cover 300 s.f. (28 m2) on all exterior finishes, and 900 s.f. (83.6 m2) on interior machine troweled finishes.

55 Gallon Drums

Our 55-Gallon Drums can be shipped individually or in any quantities, 4 to a pallet, LTL or as 20-foot or 40-foot containers to anywhere in the world. Each drum will treat 3,300 - 3,850 s.f. (307 - 333 m2) on all exterior finishes, and 8,250 - 11,000 s.f. (766 - 1,022 m2) on interior machine-troweled finishes.

More Options

If your project requires large quantities of any of our products, we would be happy to discuss it with you and arrive at the best packaging and pricing solutions to get your project needs met! Call us at 877-830-6008 and speak to one of our product experts so we can assess your needs and determine your product requirements.