CreteDefender CP

CreteDefender CP™:  A concrete hardener and water repellent all in one solution.  
Some sealers repel water to keep it out of concrete.  Others fill the pores to keep water, salts, and other chemicals out.  CreteDefender CP does both. It creates a clear, impervious barrier to protect exterior concrete surfaces from the sources of deterioration such as salts/chlorides (including salts from ocean and sea air), acid rain, sulfates, freeze/thaw cycles, water, and water-based stains.  
CreteDefender CP is not a coating or membrane.  It penetrates into the pore and capillary structure where it chemically reacts with free lime to create a hard gel to fill the voids.  It also reacts with CO2 in the air to create a water repellent surface layer.  The hard gel remains for the life of the concrete. The water repellency is effective for at least 5 years.

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What Is CP?

CreteDefender CP is...
  • A water-carried chemical treatment made of reactive silicates and surfactants that react within the concrete to fill the pores with a hard gel AND creates a clear, impervious water repellent barrier
  • For portland cement-based concrete and pavers that remains effective for at least 5 years.
  • For use in all types of environments, temperate, extreme hot, extreme cold, and where frequent temperature fluctuations occur.
What CreteDefender CP Will Do:

• Make concrete impervious to damage caused by water and salt.
• Immediately STOP the reactions from salt and other chemicals.
• Prevent freeze/thaw damage.
• Harden and increase the abrasion resistance of the concrete.
• Restore the pH of the concrete.
• Resist stains.
• Prevent damage from sulfates and acid rain.
• Prevent efflorescence.
No sheen is created on the treated surfaces.
Application of CreteDefender MS2 is recommended once your substrate begins absorbing water.

How CreteDefender CP Works

It Fills the Pores to Keep Salt and Water Out

CreteDefender CP works like a single application of our P2 product. It reacts with lime in concrete to create a gel that fills the pores and tiny cracks in the concrete. The gel hardens and restores concrete’s natural pH and renders it impervious to water, salt, and other chemicals.  Its reaction penetrates deep into the slab…up to two centimeters further than water is absorbed into the concrete. This depth of penetration creates sufficient protection both to the concrete and the reinforcement.  The reaction takes approximately 75 days to complete, though your concrete is protected after 24 hours.

It is a Water Repellent, too

CreteDefender CP is a water repellent, too, so you get the hydrophobicity that keeps water from entering even the top layer of the concrete.

Why Choose CP?

Choose CP Because...

It Provides Two Types of Protection in One
Its core protection can’t wear off. Part of the chemistry of CreteDefender CP becomes a permanent part of the concrete mix, which helps prevent abrasion and arrest damage already occurring in older concrete. Its water repellency can be re-treated whenever needed.

It is Great for Exterior Use
CreteDefender CP protects concrete from deterioration caused by salts, freeze/thaw cycles, abrasion, sand erosion, water, chlorides, and sulfates.  It is not not affected by UV exposure, or weather.  It does not change the slip resistance or color of the concrete. Plus, it’s quick and easy to apply.
It’s Safe
CreteDefender CP is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable. It has no smell, no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).
It’s Easy and Inexpensive
CP saves you money by dramatically reducing costs of maintenance and repair.   It is  quick and easy to apply in just 1-step.  It provides a bit more protection than our MS2 (“Multi Surface Sealer”) product for a bit more money, but is less expensive than our permanent protection (“P2”) product. 

Where to Use CP

CreteDefender CP
can be used anywhere you want to keep various types of exterior concrete and pavers from deteriorating. 
Concrete of all types:
    • High and low quality
    • Broom finished, or other rough texture
    • Slab, pre-cast, structural 
    • Horizontal or vertical, old or new 
  • Concrete pavers, and other hard cementatious products
  • Sidewalks
  • Stairs
  • Driveways
  • Porches and patios
  • Concrete pavers
  • Landscaping brick
  • Pre-cast-- birdbaths, sculptures, hardscape, benches
  • Concrete column bases and columns
  • Elevated walkways

Ordering Options

5 Gallon Pails

Our 5 Gallon Pails can be shipped individually or placed on 36-pail pallets and shipped anywhere in the world. Each pail will cover 600 s.f. (56 m²) on all finishes.

55 Gallon Drums

Our 55-Gallon Drums can be shipped individually or in any quantities, 4 to a pallet, LTL or as 20-foot or 40-foot containers to anywhere in the world. Each drum will treat 6,600 s.f. (307 m2) on all finishes.

Other Options

If your project requires large quantities of any of our products, we would be happy to discuss it with you and arrive at the best packaging and pricing solutions to get your project needs met! Call us at 877-830-6008 and speak to one of our product experts so we can assess your needs and determine your product requirements.