Precast Concrete


The use of Precast Concrete has major advantages in construction:  controlled casting conditions, ease of assembly, ability to pre-stress structural members, and durability.  With a wide variety of customizable shapes, Precast Concrete is setting new standards in quality, speed of construction, structural integrity, and aesthetics.

As advanced as Precast Concrete is, it is still subject to the elements.  CreteDefender products can protect Precast Concrete from damage and preserve its look and integrity for the long term.  CreteDefender also protects steel reinforcement from corrosion because it prevents water AND chloride ion penetration into the concrete – the primary causes of reinforcement degradation.

Using CreteDefender P2 for Precast Concrete:precast 2

  • Eliminates freeze/thaw damage
  • Eliminates salt damage and Chloride penetration
  • Elimination of Efflorescence
  • Protects reinforcement from water (or water vapor) contact

From highway dividers and sound walls, to bridge and parking structures, Double-T’s to columns and panels, CreteDefender will keep Precast Concrete permanently protected.

Using CreteDefender MS2 for Precast Concrete:precast bench

  • Prevents water penetration
  • Eliminates Salt and chemical penetration
  • Adds years of life to your ornamental, landscape, and decorative precast concrete

Using CreteDefender CP for Precast Concrete:

  • Gives you all the advantages of both products listed above!

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