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by keith
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The safety of  the people in our community is always a primary concern.  Yet we all know that salt and ice-melting chemicals destroy the concrete we are trying to keep safe.

Until now, we were satisfied to sacrifice the appearance of concrete and repair major damage in order to keep our pedestrians safe.  While the ice is kept at bay, the concrete is damaged, and over time the deterioration creates an unsightly appearance and tripping hazards. (We won’t even mention the damage created to your maintenance budget to fix these problems.)  With CreteDefender, you don’t have to choose any more between safety and appearance.

What’s more, most educational institutions have a commitment to maintaining a “green” environment by using eco-friendly products and performing construction and building products in a sustainable way. CreteDefender is not only environmentally safe, but using CreteDefender to protect your concrete keeps concrete out of landfills and saves the energy needed to create new concrete.

CreteDefender STOPS damage caused by ice melting chemicals on existing concrete, and PREVENTS damage to new or undamaged concrete. So, salt your sidewalks and keep your students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe…It’s PERMANENTLY PROTECTED with CreteDefender!

Use CreteDefender on:

  • Sidewalks
  • Stairs
  • Entryways
  • Loading Docks
  • Culverts
  • Anywhere you want to protect concrete from salt or chemicals.


More information:

Should you have any further questions, email us, call us at (877) 830-6008, or send us a message on LinkedIn.

To purchase CreteDefender product to begin protecting your sidewalks right away:  Order Now

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