Parking Lots and Structures

Parking Structures

Outside of stress cracking, water and chloride penetration are the primary sources of parking structure damage.  Whether your structure is cast-in-place or pre-cast, salt, water, and chloride ions are the source of corrosion and expansion of the reinforcement.  Corrosion of the reinforcement causes concrete to crack internally, spall and delaminate, and weaken the structure.

CreteDefender is ideally suited for these conditions.  Unlike silane or siloxane, which are shallow penetrating, temporary water repellants, CreteDefender is a deep penetrating permanent solution that prevents water penetration AND chloride ion penetration into the concrete.  Even if the concrete cracks due to load stress, the concrete is protected and water, and the salts they carry, will simply pass through the crack without entering the concrete.  In addition, CreteDefender prevents salts from attacking the concrete, preserving the surface of the parking decks and traffic ways, keeping your facility safe and appealing.

Benefits to Parking Structures and Loading Docks:

  • Elimination of salt damage and chloride ion penetration
  • Protection of reinforcement from water and water vapor
  • Elimination of freeze/thaw cycle damage
  • Permanent protection – never needs to be re-sealed

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