CreteDefender P2 Test Data


CreteDefender P2™ has been subjected to rigorous Independent Lab Testing.  Following are links to the testing information.

ASTM C-666 Freeze-Thaw Durability Test — Brings concrete into freeze/thaw durability spec.

ASTM C-672 De-icing Salt Test — Eliminates scaling

AASHTO T-259 and AASHTO T-277/ASTM C-1202 Chloride (salt) Penetration Tests — Cuts chloride ion penetration by 55% or more

ASTM C-779 Abrasion Test —Increases abrasion resistance of concrete by 45%

Chemical Resistance Test — Minimizes reaction to, and absorption of, acids and many other chemicals harmful to concrete

ASTM C-642 Waterproofing Test — Minimizes water transmission through concrete

ASTM E-274 Slip Resistance Test — Exceeds OSHA standard for slip resistance on polished concrete floors, and met the Ohio DOT standards for slip resistance on bridge decks