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Warehouse Floor
Manufacturing and warehouse facilities can present many challenges when it comes to concrete.  Vast areas of concrete floor often need to be addressed.  In a large number of facilities, concrete dust created by heavy fork lifts and other equipment can be hazardous to the products being made or stored and to the people who work there. Chemical spills and leaky equipment also pose a threat to the concrete.  Refrigerated areas create temperature fluctuation that can be devastating to concrete. Finding an affordable solution to these issues can be a daunting task.

CreteDefender’s unique formula not only eliminates dusting of the concrete, but also protects the concrete from common chemical spills, while adding hardness and creating a slip-resistant sheen to the surface.

Benefits in Warehouses and Manufacturing facilities:

    • Elimination of dusting
    • Hardens the surface by 45%
    • Densifies
    • Protects from chemical spills
    • Increases slip resistance by 6%

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Maintaining safe sidewalks, entrances
and rear loading pads at
Sheetz Convenience Stores

Hardening, strengthening
and sealing out stains
in a warehouse.
Preserving floors and
keeping them beautiful inside
Starting right at China Kumho Tire-
with an application of
CreteDefender P2!