How To Apply P2

Application is simple, and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. If you applying
CreteDefender P2 to broom finished concrete, which will likely be what any
exterior concrete is, the short version is this: Using a garden sprayer or spray
rig, spray CreteDefender P2 on clean concrete in a saturating application, and
make sure it stays wet for 20-30 minutes to allow the solution to penetrate and
react. Use a stiff broom or squeegee to move any puddles of CreteDefender P2
to areas that are drying. You may need to apply additional CreteDefender P2 to
areas that are drying faster than 20 minutes. It is critical to keep the entire
treated area saturated for at least 20 minutes.
After 20-30 minutes, simply push any excess CreteDefender P2 off into the
grass or guide it toward the storm sewer. CreteDefender P2 is totally harmless
to plants and the environment! It will etch glass and stain aluminum, so a bit of
caution is needed around thresholds and glass.
After the concrete has been dry for at least 2 hours, repeat the application
For interior, machine-troweled concrete, you do not need a 2nd application.
But, you do need to keep the concrete saturated longer… 40 minutes. Plus, you
should use a stiff broom or a scrubber machine to agitate the surface of the
concrete if it is a smooth, machine troweled finish, to help the CreteDefender
P2 be absorbed into the smooth concrete surface and start the reaction that protects your
A detailed explanation of tools needed and application procedure