How P2 Works


CreteDefender P2 addresses the problems that cause concrete damage.  For more on what causes that damage, check out “How Concrete Goes Bad. CreteDefender P2 prevents salts, water, and other damaging chemicals from entering the concrete by filling the pores and controlling the pH.  It is a reactive chemical that will penetrate into your slab and react with the lime remaining in concrete from the original pour.

It Fills the Pores to Keep Salt and Water Out

CreteDefender P2 is unlike any other sealer or protectant. It is a chemical that reacts with elements in concrete. This reaction creates a gel that fills the pores and tiny cracks in the concrete. The gel hardens and restores concrete’s natural pH and renders it impervious to water, salt, and other chemicals.

It is Not a Coating

CreteDefender P2 is not a coating. Unlike coatings, CreteDefender P2 doesn’t sit on top of your concrete. Its reaction penetrates deep into the slab…up to two centimeters further than water is absorbed into the concrete. Membranes (coatings and sealers) and water repellants are the common solutions used to prevent concrete deterioration. Membranes fail when the coating is punctured or wears off.  Sealers are especially thin membranes with short lives. Water repellants, like silanes and siloxanes, penetrate up to 0.6 cm, so last longer than membranes. However, they need to be reapplied every 3-5 years.

It Can’t Wear Off — It’s Permanent!

CreteDefender P2 can’t wear off, and can’t wear out. CreteDefenderP2  becomes a permanent part of the concrete matrix. While air molecules can pass through concrete, liquid, chlorides (salts), and other chemicals can’t get past CreteDefender P2’s impenetrable defenses.

It Prevents Further Deterioration

CreteDefender P2 will actually arrest the damage occurring in your concrete, and prevent it from deteriorating further.

It’s Safe

CreteDefender P2 is environmentally safe. It won’t harm plants, has no VOC’s, and excess can be washed directly into the storm sewer.