Protect your customer’s property, and increase your own profits.

When salting season ends, be a hero to your clients. Protect their concrete, and make good money doing it, before next winter strikes.

The snow is gone.  The salt is washed away. Property owners – both residential and commercial — now face winter’s damage to their concrete:

  • Unsightly deterioration of driveways, steps, and walkways
  • Safety hazards of stumbling or tripping
  • High cost of repairs, or even replacement

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CreteDefender Prevents Salt and Freeze/Thaw Damage

Now, there is a way your clients can avoid winter’s damage to their concrete. CreteDefender PERMANENTLY protects concrete from:

  • Salt and Brines
  • Ice Melting Chemicals
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycles

Landscape maintenance companies that offer snow removal services, as well as property maintenance companies and concrete contractors, are perfect partners for CreteDefender.

Imagine being able to offer your customers a solution to a serious problem… one that you have probably been called about when the salting season is over. Install CreteDefender for your clients at roughly 5% the cost of replacing the concrete, and you can prevent concrete damage, preserve the look of their property, and save them money.

CreteDefender is looking for a limited number of select companies to distribute and install CreteDefender. Learn more about the opportunity and how to become an authorized CreteDefender Distributor/Installer.

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