Protect Your Customer’s Property, and Increase Your Profits.

When salting season ends, be a hero to your clients. Protect their concrete, and make good money doing it, before next winter strikes.

The snow is gone. The salt is washed away. Property owners – both residential and commercial — now face winterʼs damage to their concrete:

• Unsightly deterioration of driveways, steps, and walkways

• Safety hazards of stumbling or tripping

• High cost of repairs, or even replacement

Your Opportunity

CreteDefender, Inc. is looking for a limited number of select property maintenance organizations to distribute and install CreteDefender.

With CreteDefender, your company can:

• Differentiate your business from your competitors.

• Increase your revenues and profits.

• Make it possible to use salt and other chemicals without destroying your customerʼs property.

• Apply it with your existing equipment and staff.

CreteDefender Prevents Salt and Freeze/Thaw Damage

Now, there is a way to avoid winterʼs damage to concrete.

CreteDefender PERMANENTLY protects concrete from:

• Salt and Brines

• Ice Melting Chemicals

• Freeze/Thaw Cycles


Landscape maintenance companies that offer snow removal services are perfect partners for CreteDefender.

Imagine being able to offer your customers a solution to a serious problem…one that you have probably been called about when the salting season is over.

Install CreteDefender for your clients at roughly 5% the cost of replacing the concrete, and you can prevent concrete damage, preserve the look of their property, and save them money.


How CreteDefender Works

CreteDefender is applied with either a non-aluminum garden sprayer or a gas powered pump with a garden hose. Two applications are needed for exterior concrete, and then itʼs protected…forever! CreteDefender is NOT a coating. In fact, it is unlike anything you may know about. Itʼs a permanent solution to concreteʼs most common problems It canʼt wear off, and canʼt wear out. CreteDefender reacts with the elements in concrete and creates a permanent gel that fills all the permeable zones (pores, micro-cracks, spider-cracks, and shrinkage-cracks) in concrete. The reaction penetrates 4 to 5 inches into the concrete, hardens it, restores the natural pH, keeps water from entering the concrete and freezing, and prevents salts and other chemicals from attacking.

CreteDefender has been tested and used for over 15 years in the harshest environments: Bridge decks and roadways, salt storage facilities, shopping centers – even gas stations. With zero warranty claims in 15 years, we can honestly say that CreteDefender REALLY works!

In addition, CreteDefender is environmentally safe. It wonʼt harm plants or grasses, has no VOCʼs, and the EPA says that any spill can be washed directly into the storm sewer.

Call today to become an Authorized CreteDefender Distributor/Installer.


Call (877) 830-6008  and ask for Stuart or Tom, or e-mail us and ask about our information pack for the Distributor/Installer program.

A highly limited number of distributors will be accepted.

Donʼt let someone else take advantage of this opportunity and keep you from it. Call or email us TODAY.


3090 Helmsdale Place, Suite 220-703

Lexington, KY 40509

(877) 830-6008


Developed in 1997, CreteDefender has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories and is used by the Departments of Transportation in Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri. In addition, CreteDefender has been applied at the new Yankee Stadium and Mets Stadium in New York City. In 2007, CreteDefender was applied to the sidewalks at the Tanger Outlet Center in Park City, Utah. Over 100,000 pounds of salt are used each year on the 70,000 square feet of sidewalks. To date, there is ZERO damage to the sidewalks. Tanger now specifies CreteDefender for all their shopping centers.

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