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Here are some of the hundreds of places
CreteDefender is being used:

Shopping Malls

Preserving the beauty at a Tanger Outlet Centers and keeping the harsh
weather and de-icing chemicals from breaking down their beautiful sidewalks!
Keeping Lifestyle Centers safe and beautiful, and saving the owners
the expense and hassle of replacing their concrete!


Protecting support structures
at the New York Yankees’ new
Yankee Stadium
Preserving public walkways and
other areas atNew York Mets’
Citifield Stadium
Preserving and hardening the
launch pads at
Bristol Motors Speedway

Commercial real estate

Maintaining safe sidewalks, entrances
and rear loading pads at
Sheetz Convenience Stores

Keeping a parking garage
strong and
looking sharp!


Hardening, strengthening
and sealing out stains
in a warehouse.
Protecting the vertical walls at
a tank farm.


Preserving floors and
keeping them beautiful inside
Starting right at China Kumho Tire
with an application of

Public Facilities

Protecting the concrete stairs
and walkways at the
Newport, Kentucky Aquarium


Sidewalks, entries, and public areas
being protected at
Proctor and Gamble


Hardening, strengthening and
adding years of life to the
Mark Twain Memorial Bridge
Protecting against de-icing chemical
damage at the US Army Corps
of Engineers’ McAlpine Lock & Dam
Ohio Department of Transportation
applying to bridge decks
across the state

CreteDefender successfully passing
the Ohio DOT’s
stringent skid testing


Keeping the Hangar Ramps and thruways
free from salt and freeze/thaw damage
at the Ohio Department of Aviation