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The best concrete sealer cannot compare.

The best concrete sealer cannot compare.

by keith

[password-protect]Unlike even the best concrete sealer or the best concrete coating, CreteDefender is permanent. It is a silicate-reactive penetrating solution that reacts internally deep within your concrete to fill pores and harden the slab. The result is a stronger, denser, and longer lasting concrete that will withstand all the punishment you can dish out!

Not even the best concrete sealer can boast the permanent concrete protection you get with this penetrating silicate reactive agent.

Concrete sealers are going to wear out.sacling concrete- the best concrete coating will not stop this.
Concrete coatings are going to wear off.

No doubt. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

And to keep the protection offered by your sealer or coating, you will need to apply it again… in a timely fashion.

How will you know when your concrete sealer is no longer effective?

Yep, you guessed it. When the concrete starts breaking down.
And by then, what good is even the best concrete sealer on a deteriorating surface?

salt damage to concrete

Why not start right, right away, and apply something permanent to your concrete? CretedDefender will work on freshly poured concrete, or on good existing concrete. One application of colorless, eco-friendly CreteDefender will keep your concrete looking good, prevent salt damage, freeze/thaw damage, keep most chemicals out, and end dusting and scaling of concrete surfaces forever.

Concrete driveway protection, concrete sidewalk protection, concrete stair protection, concrete floor protection… all can be done permanently for the same or less money than the best concrete coating or best concrete sealer is going to cost you. And you only have to invest once, instead of re-investing over and over again.[/password-protect]

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