CreteDefender P2 Test Results

Waterproofing (ASTM C-642)

Absorption test procedures were conducted in accordance with ASTM C-642, using normal weight, non-air-entrained concrete, manufactured per ASTM C-672, with samples submerged in water.

Results: .33% absorption after 48 hours. 1.04% absorption after 50 days.

Source: H.C. Nutting Company.

Eliminates Scaling (ASTM C 672)

Rated 0 (no scaling) after 100 freeze/thaw cycles on concrete treated with Cretedefender P2.

Rated 5 (severe scaling) after 100 freeze/thaw cycles on untreated concrete.

Source: H.C. Nutting Company

Increases Abrasion resistance (ASTM C-779)

A rotating abrasive disk grinder was applied to both a treated and non-treated sample of concrete.

Test results:  After 30 minutes of grinding, treated sample wear was .044 inches.  Untreated sample was .080 inches.

CreteDefender increases abrasion resistance of concrete by 45%.

Source: Construction Technology Labs.

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Inhibits chemical attack (see chart)

Exceeds OSHA standard for slip resistance on polished concrete floors.

Although OSHA does not have a mandate for a friction coefficient, they do indicate a reasonable slip resistant friction coefficient of .5 or more.  In testing, polished concrete treated with CreteDefender P2 had an average friction coefficient of .67, which exceeds the indicated value.

Source: H.C. Nutting Company

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Slip resistance acceptable on bridge decks (ASTM E-274)


The Ohio Department of Transportation conducted a slip resistance test in accordance with ASTM E-274 and concluded that the slip resistance on concrete treated with CreteDefender P2 was acceptable.


Source: ODOT

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