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Non-toxic way to conserve resources

Non-toxic way to conserve resources

by keith
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The recipe for concrete requires Portland cement, which is energy intensive to manufacture and a major source of carbon emissions, particulates, and other pollutants.cement plant
Cement is responsible for 5-10% of man-made CO2 emissions worldwide, making it the biggest greenhouse gas producer outside of transportation and electricity-generation.  The US EPA estimates concrete manufacturing emits 265 kG of carbon for each metric ton produced.  And since concrete is rarely recycled, replacing it is both a solid waste and energy issue.  Discarded concrete takes up space in landfills and is heavy to transport.   It’s simply environmentally friendly to avoid the need to replace concrete.

Plus, CreteDefender itself is environmentally friendly. It is water-based and non-toxic. If you get it on unintended surfaces, including clothing and skin, you can simply wash it off with water and soap.  It’s so safe that in the event of a spill, the EPA instructions are to wash it down the drain with water. Now that’s an environmentally safe product!

concrete landfill

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