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by tom
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Replacing and repairing concrete costs money. Concrete coatings to make your concrete look good again cost $2.75 to over $10.00 per square foot, require costly maintenance over time, and only cover over the underlying problems. tearing out a concrete patio Replacing the concrete costs $15 – $20 per square foot, and, without protection, it will deteriorate again and again.

Our unique product is an easy and cost effective way to save money on concrete repair.

CreteDefender doesn’t  cover over the underlying problems with concrete degradation – it STOPS THEM AND PERMANENTLY PREVENTS THEM.

breaking up a concrete drivewayOn existing concrete, CreteDefender will arrest the chemical reaction causing the concrete to disintegrate and permanently prevent further damage.  On new concrete, CreteDefender will permanently protect it from degradation and keep it looking great. Either way, new or existing, CreteDefender is the solution to save money on concrete repair!

At an installed cost of 65¢ per square foot , or less, CreteDefender will eliminate the need for concrete coating or replacing concrete. Save even more money by having the product shipped to you and applying it yourself.

CreteDefender won’t make bad looking concrete look any better, but it will prevent good concrete from going bad.

And, unlike concrete coatings, CreteDefender is permanent…it won’t wear off or wear out – ever – and never has to be re-applied.

Protect your investment.  Avoid repair costs.  Permanently and Affordably. Call us today at (877) 830-6008,  email us for a no-cost consultation or Order today.

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