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Maintain Functionality and Minimize Repairs

Maintain Functionality and Minimize Repairs

by keith
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Manufacturing facilities, food processors, roads and bridges, arenas, shopping centers…. The cost of disruption at each of these can be tremendous. Concrete damage is often at the base of such disruptions. The down-time, personnel, and money devoted to repairing or replacing concrete damage can be staggering. battered concreteDon’t repair it, and you subject yourselves to liability claims from trip and fall accidents. Did you know that the average cost of a simple trip and fall accident in the US is $180,000?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put a stop to these problems?  CreteDefender helps avoid costly disruptions and repairs by permanently protecting floors, roads, bridges, parking lots and walkways from salt, chemical, and freeze/thaw damage.  Apply shopping mall sidewalksafetyCreteDefender to existing surfaces, and, unless they are so damaged they need to be replaced, CreteDefender will immediately stop the damage underway…damage that may not even appear for a few years. CreteDefender will strengthen the concrete and prevent salts and other chemicals from attacking it – permanently.

Unlike even the best concrete coatings and sealers, CreteDefender will never wear off or wear out. So, give us a call at (877) 830-6008 today, or email us and arrange for a no-cost visit.

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